Khám phá nhiều loại sàn vinyl sang trọng nhất: NovaFloor® của Novalis Innovative Flooring® phân phối độc quyền tại VN bởi EuroStark

Explore NovaCore™ Styles

NovaFloor® features Rigid Core technology

  • Available on NovaCore™ with High Performance Core (HPC) Technology
  • Available on Lyndon™ and Serenbe™ with High Density Core (HDC) Technology
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Hides most common subfloor imperfections
  • Resists dents
  • Easy to install clic locking system
  • Attached foam underlayment (on Serenbe™ with HDC Technology)

X-Large Planks (9” x 60”)

NovaFloor® introduces NovaShield®

  • Available on Serenbe™ and Serenbe™ with HDC Technology
  • Our most advanced protection ever developed for LVT
  • Enhanced protection against scuffs, scratches, abrasions, fading and stains
  • Non-brittle and will not warp under extreme heat
  • Patent-pending

NovaFloor® has easy to install loose lay LVT with NovaLay™

  • Available on the NovaFloor® Commercial  collection
  • Extra thick plank and tile design
  • Product backing grips the subfloor to stay in place
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to replace damaged planks or tiles
  • Removable—you can take your floor with you