What is spc plastic floor? How to use spc plastic floor like? Does spc plastic floor affect health?
What is SPC plastic floor? Which quality plastic SPC floor? Does SPC plastic floor affect user health? Quotation of SPC plastic floor?

What is SPC plastic floor? Does SPC plastic floor affect user health?

SPC Eurostark (Stone Plastic Composite) or SPC key-locked plastic flooring is made of PE plastic granules with calcium carbonate powder and anti-expansion additives at high pressure and pressure of 2000 kg / cm3.

With the in-depth understanding and experience in the composite industry and the motto of always innovating forward based on modern industry and a team of experienced personnel, Eurostark will provide the product market. The most advanced and optimal.

SPC Flooring is the most technologically advanced flooring product available today, which is water-resistant, heat-resistant, noise-proof and completely environmentally friendly.



SPC plastic floor inherits the advantages that make the brand of plastic flooring such as the ability to resist flooding, shrinkage of materials when changing temperatures, termites, stability of the floor surface, … many people are interested. trust use.

Structure of 5 layers of standard keyed plastic floor:

– UV layer: prevent the effect of UV rays: anti-scratch, anti-flying

– PU coating: protecting floor surface, anti-scratch, anti-slip.

– Film layer: create vein color for flooring, high-quality wood grain film with natural color.

– PSC reinforced layer (4.0 – 7.0 mm): a mixture of white stone powder and virgin plastic: helps hard flooring to be water resistant, termite free.

– ixpe lining (2.0 mm): glued on the underside of the floor, easy to apply, creating smoothness


– No damage to the effect of water and floor cleaners.

– Does not catch fire, effective fire protection.

– Super hard core does not shrink material when temperature changes.

– Antibacterial, anti-mold, slippery.

– Smooth feet, stable to use.

– Reasonable price, high aesthetics.

– Fast construction, easy installation and replacement.

– Warm winter, cool summer.

– Does not contain toxic chemicals, does not affect user health, environmentally friendly.


– Stone and plastic core for finishing materials weighing heavier than PVC flooring lines.

– Price is cheaper than traditional flooring but more expensive than conventional plastic flooring.

– Natural wood grain surface but not comfortable feeling like natural wooden floor.

– Cannot be installed outdoors because it will make the floor uneven in direct sunlight for a long time.

– Easy to spoil if the surface of the floor below is concave and uneven.


SPC Eurostark plastic flooring with outstanding quality completes most large and small interior constructions with the best durability and aesthetics in the current floor material line. SPC Eurostark plastic flooring is very suitable for unstable weather conditions in Vietnam widely used in commercial centers, houses, schools, hospitals, hotels, shop offices, … with age. Average material life over 20 years of use.

As an experienced pioneer in composite industry and the motto of always innovating forward based on modern industry and experienced staff, Eurostark will provide the market with advanced products. advanced and most optimal. SPC Eurostark plastic flooring is the most technologically advanced flooring product today with heat-resistant water, easy to install and completely environmentally friendly.