Plastic Wood Flooring EU D140H25

WPC EuroStark plastic floor is produced on advanced and modern technology lines.

Wood Plastic (WPC) – Wood Plastic Composite is a synthetic material, made from wood pulp and plastic. In addition to plastic and wood pulp, WPC may also contain some cellulose or inorganic fillers. Therefore, WPC can also be called natural fiber plastic composites or plastic reinforced natural fibers

Together the attached accessories are available to achieve excellent quietness. The product has the best waterproofing ability, the same beautiful natural wood grain surface, durable, environmentally friendly ..

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  • 100% water resistant
  • Anti-discoloration due to ultraviolet rays
  • Easy to install, fast, no glue
  • Wood is naturally beautiful
  • Anti-noise, with high stability
  • Certified the best air quality
  • Anti termite
  • Product Code: EU D140H25