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  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Ingredients: Al Min 95%
  • Quantity: 50 – 2000 MT/month
  • Standard: ASME, ASTM, EN, UNS, GB, DIN, JIS
  • Payment method: T / T, L / C
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Hanoi: A66, Quarter A of 3HA, Phuc Dien ward, Bac Tu Liem dis, Hanoi, Vietnam
Hotline: +84.987 822 681 (7h30 - 17h)

Product detail

What is aluminum ingot?

Aluminum ingots is non-ferrous product that is produced by pouring molten aluminum into special molds. These molds come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and the ingots created by this variety have different types in appearance. Today, aluminum is the second most widely used metal in the world after iron. The widespread use of this metal in various industries has led to special attention to its identification and extraction from existing mines in the country.

So, what are advantages of using aluminum ingot?

Aluminum ingot is made of melting broken aluminum process, scrap aluminum or electrolysis process. Afterwards, these materials are casted into aluminum ingot which brings about a lot of beneficial applications.

1. Strong Durability

The very first benefit of using ingot is its strong durability. This kind of metal is famous for force-resistance, temperature-resistance, anti-wear and anti-rust.

Because aluminum ingot is covered by oxide, this cover will prevent aluminum from the affection of chemists, water, air, etc. Therefore, it raises aluminum’s anti-worn, anti-oxide ability and boost the products’ quality. Hence, aluminum has an amazing durability which plays the main role in cost-saving method.

When we use aluminum ingot in making machines and equipment, these products not only have a high durability but also look eye-catching, especially for furniture decoration.

2. Light Weight

Compared to other metals such as bronze and iron, aluminum is lighter, which will be transported easier. Thanks to strong durability and light weight, aluminum is used in plane, ship and other machines and equipment manufacture.

Besides, aluminum when being recycled will not change its features, quality and weight, it totally remains its natural features.

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